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    30 November 2008

    Asnycnow15 Newsletter 12 December

    This Is The Asnycnow15 Newsletter.
    • What is "[15]Local News"?
    [15] Local News was Launched November 16th 2008 And Provides Coverage Of The Latest News,Traffic, Lifestyle Stories Relating To NYC
    And Nassau & Suffolk Counties of Long Island,N.Y.
    When Can I Expect "[15] Local News"?
    [15] Local News Produces 3-4 News Bulletins On Saturdays ,2-3 News Bulletins on Sundays, And 2-3 Bulletins on Fridays.

    What's in "[15] Local News"?
    [15] Local News Bulletins Contain:News (3-4 Stories) Weather & 3-Day Forecast (3 Stories)
    Lifestyle (2 Stories) Entertainment(1 Story) Developing Story (1 Story),Culture (1 Story), Music(1 Story)
    How Long Is [15] Local News?
    [15] Local News Can Be Up To 5 Minutes Long

    29 November 2008

    asnycnow15News to Test Youtube 720p format

    in order to test The New Format For Youtube,
    asnycnow15 will Create A New Video In Order To Test the 720p Format
    for the The Video To Work
    add the "&fmt=22" to the End of the URL

    16 November 2008

    asnycnow15 to Launch "[15]Local News" on Youtube Channels Asnycnow15 &15HDtv

    asnycnow15News is Launching "[15]Local News"
    A New Service Covering Local News In New York City.
    • The First [15]Local News Bulletin Will Air 16 November 2008 And Will Contain The Latest in News ,Weather, Sports And Will Gather The News From NYC Television Stations WCBS-TV(CBS 2 HD), WABC-TV(ABC 7), WPIX-TV( PIX 11, The CW), WNYW-TV(Fox 5) News 12 Networks( News 12 Brooklyn and News 12 The Bronx), NY1( New York One)NewsAnd The Latest in Weather Taken From Right Here in Brooklyn .
    • [15] Local News Premieres Today on Both Channels. the open to [15]Local News

    10 November 2008

    [15]txtNewsline To Be Renamed, New Look To ASN News Blog

    New Changes To "ASN News 24" Blog
    [15] NEWS|10 November 2008 20:56:16EST]
    asnycnow15Media Has Announced A New Look to The ASN News 24 Blog Here on Blogger
    Also Adding New Things to The Blog. Here Are Some of The New Changes.
    • "[15]txtNewsline" Has Been Renamed "[15]Tweetline" REASON: Many Of The News Updates are From The asnycnow15News' Twitter Profile
    • {N24} Also Added Twitscoop: The Latest Hot Topics On Twitter[NOTE: Twitscoop is Not affiliated With Twitter]
    • We Also Have Added [15]Weather, [15]ESPN Sports,[15]Front page:WSJ,[15]Technology.
    • The Blog Will Also Have More Output from Youtube Channel asnycnow15 , Youtube Channel [15]HDTv &Asnycnow15News' Twitter Page.
    • New Programmes From Youtube Channels Asnycnow15 & [15]HDTv Including New In-
    • New Videos For [15]News 24
    • House programmes From YouTube Channel [15]HDTvCreating Specific Programmes Especially For YouTube Channel [15]HDTv & ASN News 24 Blog[NOTE: When ASNNews 24 is Addressed on a Video,it Will Be Called "[15]News 24"].

    09 November 2008

    Business & Finance 7th November From Youtube Channel Asnycnow15

    New figures from the Labor Department show employment deteriorating much faster than expected, with 240,000 jobs lost in October and major upward revisions in job-loss figures for August and September. The unemployment rate jumped to 6.5 percent, a 14-year high, from 6.1 percent in September. Read More: http://www.nytimes.com/?emc=na
    Here is The Video From YouTube Channel Asnycnow15, For More Go to youtube.com/asnycnow15News.
    Go To Youtube Channel Asnycnow15 For more Videos

    New Playlists from Youtube Channel Asnycnow15

    Stating In November 2008, All Of The Videos From Youtube Channel asnycnow15 Will Be Added Into Different Playlists Including New Playlists Adding with The Original ones .
    The original Playlists are "asnycnow15News', "my top Videos" & "[15]Music, AMV & News Opens"
    The New Playlists From asnycnow15 are :
    [15]Youtuber Op/ED- Your Comments to asnycnw15's Videos
    [15]Local News - News Service to Be Introduced 16 November
    Look Out for The New Playlists from asnycnow15 In November 2008

    08 November 2008

    asnycnow15 Would Like To Congratulate TV-Ark A Happy 10th Birthday

    asnycnow15 Would Like To Congratulate TV-Ark a Very Happy 10th Birthday. We have Said Our wishes to Tv-Ark Through Our [15] tweetline(formerly [15]txtNewsline) on Twitter, Also A Video Dedicated To Tv-Ark on Youtube Channel asnycnow15. We Also Have The Video Here. from asnycnow15News, Happy 10th Birthday Tv-ARK!
    Here is The "Tv-ARK Turns 10" Video From asnycnow15. also there is The 10th anniversary Video From TV-Ark

    07 November 2008

    Youtube Channel asnycnow15 Celebrates Over 50 Videos On Youtube

    Youtube Channel asnycnow15 is Celebrating Video #55 With The Video, "TVARK 10th Anniversary" with all 55 Videos, asnycnow15 promised to cover the news when the News Department ( nicknamed [15]News) Launched in 25 June 2008 and When asnycnow15 Started airing video in HD ( Nicknamed[15HD])on August 2008. Also asnycnow15News Will create new segments for the Youtube channel,Including New playlists for the Youtube channel & asnycnow15 will announce New plans for 2009 on ASN News 24 Blog Here on Blogger. (below End Credit used by asnycnow15 to acknowledge The ASN News 24 Blog.) Expect new changes to asnycnow15 in 2009

    03 November 2008

    Gov. Sarah Palin Cleared of Ethics Charges

    Monday, November 3, 2008 -- 7:42 PM ET

    Timothy J. Petumenos, the independent counsel to the Alaska
    Personnel Board, concluded that in the firing of the former
    Alaska public safety commissioner Walt Monegan, "There is no
    probable cause to believe that the governor or any other
    state official violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in
    connection with these matters."

    Read More:

    Also Here is The Video From Youtube Channel asnycnow15

    02 November 2008

    New Look To Asnycnow15News' Twitter page,Youtube Channel

    [18:05EST 02 November 2008]
    Asnycnow15News Has A New Look To The Asnycnow15News Youtube Channel And The Asnycnow15News Twitter Page.
    The Newest Additions To The Youtube Channel Will Have New playlists,"Business & Finance", "World Newswatch",U.S & World Politics","[15]News Latest","[15]Inquiry",etc.....
    And In the Twitter Page, A New Background Better On Screen detalis... more at http://youtube.com/asnycnow15 and twitter.com/asnycnow15News

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