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    08 July 2009

    Karadzic immunity claim rejected


    The Hague tribunal has rejected the argument by former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic that he should not be prosecuted because of an immunity deal.

    Mr Karadzic said the former US peace envoy Richard Holbrooke had promised him immunity from prosecution if he relinquished power.

    Mr Holbrooke has repeatedly denied there was any such deal.

    The court said even if there was, it did not have legal standing, and that Mr Karadzic's trial should continue.

    New layout for YouTube to be launched next week

    By Getting Updated Blog[marketing.getupdated.co.uk]

    001_0001 In spite of the numerous requests from YouTube users to keep the previous layout, the company plans to transfer all its members to a remodel of its channel pages next week which has been in testing for many months now. Google, who is the owner of the video sharing website, thinks that the new design will give both YouTube members and visitors a better user experience.

    The launch of the new layout for the video sharing site comes with the revelation of the number of videos online that are being viewed in the UK by comScore’s Video Metrix service. The figure states the number is up by 47 percent as compared to the figure last year and is quickly reaching 5 billion.

    Google emerged victorious out of the increased online viewing habits as YouTube’s display advertising reached about 18 million people in that particular month. 99 % of all the videos viewed on Google are from YouTube. The video sharing site is also first when it comes to multimedia display advertising reach. In April it accounted for 18.5 million viewers who viewed 621 million display ads in total.

    The news of the switch over to the newly designed channel pages on the 15th July has resulted in YouTube members leaving 316 pages with thousands of comments, the majority of which are negative.

    Google Plans to Introduce a PC Operating System

    Google In a direct challenge to Microsoft, Google is expected to
    announce on Wednesday that it is developing an operating
    system for a personal computer based on its Chrome browser,
    according to two people briefed on Google's plans.

    The move would sharpen the already intense competition
    between Google and Microsoft, whose Windows operating system
    controls the basic functions of the vast majority of personal

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