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    06 April 2009

    The real Spinal Tap

     By all appearances, “Anvil! The Story of Anvil” seems as if it were created to be Canada’s answer to “This is Spinal Tap.” It’s a film about a forgotten but hugely influential ’80s speed-metal band from Toronto that is trying to reclaim its glory between blue-collar day jobs. Heck, there’s even a guy named Robb Reiner involved. But what’s really amazing about the whole thing is that the tale is 100 percent non-fiction.

    “We were never going to evade the specter of ‘Spinal Tap,’ so we just thought f— it, we’ll embrace it,” says filmmaker Sacha Gervasi, who first met Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner when Anvil played London in the early ’80s. 

    Kudlow and Reiner were so appreciative of 16-year-old Gervasi’s fandom that they invited him to be a roadie on their U.S. tour. It wasn’t until many years later that Gervasi, a successful screenwriter who penned Steven Spielberg’s “The Terminal,” finally had the means to capture this band’s unique story. Kudlow and Reiner are such comically idiosyncratic personalities, the film crew initially thought they were acting. 

    “We were playing at the Monsters of Rock show in Transylvania and Robb was in the middle of his drum solo,” explains Kudlow, lead singer and personality of the band. “And my hemorrhoids popped out. There’s a position that I get into where I can actually …”

    “He runs offstage and suddenly he’s on his hands and knees,” Gervasi interrupts, picking up the story as Kudlow goes into a little too much detail. “I thought he was having some kind of spinal seizure. When we found out what had happened, my cameraman was no longer able to film because it was too funny. On that night, the cameraman took me into the hotel room and he had this grave look on his face. He says, ‘You’re not leaving until you tell me the truth. I need to know this for my own sanity: Are they actors?’”Copyright © 2009 Asnycnow15 News/English

    Peru U-turn on war museum funds

    bloggerEndcrd1_0002 Peruvian President Alan Garcia has accepted a $2m (£1.4m) German donation for a museum to victims of Peru's civil conflict - weeks after rejecting it.

    The about-face came at the request of Peru's most famous author, Mario Vargas Llosa, after he held a private meeting with Mr Garcia.

    The president has now asked Mr Vargas Llosa to head up the project.

    Some 70,000 people died during the conflict between state forces and Maoist Shining Path guerrillas.

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    Zuma Corruption Charges Dropped

    South Africa prosecutors have dropped graft charges against African National Congress (ANC) leader Jacob Zuma.

    Chief prosecutor Mokotedi Mpshe said phone-tap evidence suggested political interference in the investigation.

    Mr Zuma, who is expected to become president after elections this month, has always denied claims of graft over a multimillion dollar 1999 arms deal.

    The ANC welcomed the outcome but the opposition said it left democracy in peril ahead of the 22 April polls.

    Charity Chief Held In Arms Probe.

    bloggerEndcrd1_0002 Security forces in Bangladesh have arrested the head of a UK-based charity who had been sought after weapons were found at a school it funded.

    Officials said Dr Faisal Mostafa, who runs the Manchester-based Green Crescent, was arrested with a local aide on Monday.

    Security officials raided the Islamic school, or madrassa, last month in the southern district of Bhola.

    A large cache of weapons and bomb making equipment was found, police say.

    Kenya coalition minister resigns


    Kenya's Justice Minister Martha Karua has resigned from the coalition government, saying that her reform agenda was being undermined.

    She said judges were being appointed without her knowledge and her position as minister had become untenable.

    Mrs Karua was a key ally of President Mwai Kibaki and was his negotiator for the power-sharing deal to end the bloodshed after disputed polls in 2007.

    Correspondents say it is the latest sign of tensions in the coalition.

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    Sri Lanka honors cricket driver

    The Pakistani coach driver praised for his actions in last month's attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team in Lahore has been honoured at a ceremony in Colombo.

    Meher Mohammad Khalil sped away from the attack as bullets rained down and reached the safety of the stadium.

    New Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara said: "We will always have a special place for you in our hearts."

    Six policemen and a driver died in the attack and seven Sri Lankan players and a British assistant coach were hurt.

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