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    08 October 2008

    asnycnow15Music Scraps" Studio 15 "til 2009 On Youtube

    asnycnow15 is Announced To slash asnycnow15Music service's "STuDiO 15" on Youtube after "15Music' Premiere with "Studio 15" was Severly Cut back and its Operations were scrapped until later 2009
    as of 10/8/2008 asnycnow15music has announced to roll back "STuDiO15"From 15 November to 22 December to Now 5 March 2008.
    currently,asnycnow15Music will Be Launched on myspacetv As Planned on 09 October 2008 with "STuDiO 15"- The Launch with {15rewiNd} on search "asnycnow15Music"
    UPDATE--- Due To Copyright reasons,YouTube Will Not Allow Asnycnow15 to Start A Music Service.A New Playlist Will Be Revealed Later[18/06/2009 09:42:30]

    06 October 2008

    asnycnow15 to launch "Now what?" Series In January

    Starting In January 2009, asnycnow15 will Launch the Series Now What?
    as a part of asnycnow15's 2009 Preview
    called "[15]News in 2009"
    the 2009 Preview Video Will Launch
    in November 2008.
    in December 2008, asnycnow15 will launch year-end video
    31st December 2008 with a look back at the Videos that made a difference Since the launch of asnycnow15 in April 2008 and the news department June 2008

    05 October 2008

    asnycnow15 to launch IHTY2,adding IHTY1to NewsStream

    [15]News 18:04 05 Oct]asnycnow15News Has Announced Plans to Return The Acclaimed "It Happened To You" Series to My You Tube Channel asnycnow15 Starting Production In January 2009 And Episode 1of "IHTY 2" Will premiere on 7 March 2009
    on asnycnow15's 1St Anniversary
    As for "IHTY1"Will Enter Syndication Through "[asnycnow15]NewsStream"
    More Details Will be Announced later On

    [15]txtNewsline Live!

    [15]News 17:50 Brooklyn,NY >Since i launched My Twitter account [http://twitter.com/asnycnow15News] in Late September i managed to Use all global news sources to bring live Text news Updates in conjunction with my You Tube channel"asnycnow15" or "[15]News" [http://youtube.com/asnycnow15]I Can have new updates on my My space and hi5 pages without Creating Hourly News videos for You Tube
    i hope to Have the Support of Those in the Blogger,twitter,You Tube In Order to Keep Going Strong as A new era In Newsgathering Begin
    there Will Be Daily News Updates on twitter and op/ed and Other news On Blogger
    stay tuned.

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