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    30 November 2008

    Asnycnow15 Newsletter 12 December

    This Is The Asnycnow15 Newsletter.
    • What is "[15]Local News"?
    [15] Local News was Launched November 16th 2008 And Provides Coverage Of The Latest News,Traffic, Lifestyle Stories Relating To NYC
    And Nassau & Suffolk Counties of Long Island,N.Y.
    When Can I Expect "[15] Local News"?
    [15] Local News Produces 3-4 News Bulletins On Saturdays ,2-3 News Bulletins on Sundays, And 2-3 Bulletins on Fridays.

    What's in "[15] Local News"?
    [15] Local News Bulletins Contain:News (3-4 Stories) Weather & 3-Day Forecast (3 Stories)
    Lifestyle (2 Stories) Entertainment(1 Story) Developing Story (1 Story),Culture (1 Story), Music(1 Story)
    How Long Is [15] Local News?
    [15] Local News Can Be Up To 5 Minutes Long

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