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    07 November 2008

    Youtube Channel asnycnow15 Celebrates Over 50 Videos On Youtube

    Youtube Channel asnycnow15 is Celebrating Video #55 With The Video, "TVARK 10th Anniversary" with all 55 Videos, asnycnow15 promised to cover the news when the News Department ( nicknamed [15]News) Launched in 25 June 2008 and When asnycnow15 Started airing video in HD ( Nicknamed[15HD])on August 2008. Also asnycnow15News Will create new segments for the Youtube channel,Including New playlists for the Youtube channel & asnycnow15 will announce New plans for 2009 on ASN News 24 Blog Here on Blogger. (below End Credit used by asnycnow15 to acknowledge The ASN News 24 Blog.) Expect new changes to asnycnow15 in 2009

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