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    10 November 2008

    [15]txtNewsline To Be Renamed, New Look To ASN News Blog

    New Changes To "ASN News 24" Blog
    [15] NEWS|10 November 2008 20:56:16EST]
    asnycnow15Media Has Announced A New Look to The ASN News 24 Blog Here on Blogger
    Also Adding New Things to The Blog. Here Are Some of The New Changes.
    • "[15]txtNewsline" Has Been Renamed "[15]Tweetline" REASON: Many Of The News Updates are From The asnycnow15News' Twitter Profile
    • {N24} Also Added Twitscoop: The Latest Hot Topics On Twitter[NOTE: Twitscoop is Not affiliated With Twitter]
    • We Also Have Added [15]Weather, [15]ESPN Sports,[15]Front page:WSJ,[15]Technology.
    • The Blog Will Also Have More Output from Youtube Channel asnycnow15 , Youtube Channel [15]HDTv &Asnycnow15News' Twitter Page.
    • New Programmes From Youtube Channels Asnycnow15 & [15]HDTv Including New In-
    • New Videos For [15]News 24
    • House programmes From YouTube Channel [15]HDTvCreating Specific Programmes Especially For YouTube Channel [15]HDTv & ASN News 24 Blog[NOTE: When ASNNews 24 is Addressed on a Video,it Will Be Called "[15]News 24"].

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