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    04 July 2009

    Six people including baby killed in London blaze

    A fire has killed six people including three children after sweeping through a tower block in southeast London.

    A three-week-old baby and youngsters aged six and seven were among the victims.

    The blaze spread rapidly after apparently starting on the fourth floor.

    Around 30 people were rescued. At least 20 were taken to hospital, many suffering from the effects of smoke.

    Residents described their rush to safety as flames engulfed the 12-storey block of flats run by the local authority in Camberwell.

    “I heard people screaming out from the corridors, so my brother’s wife and baby and I just rushed out,” said one man. “I was in bed, as you can see, I don’t have anything on. I just borrowed a top from someone.”

    More than 100 firefighters were needed to bring the blaze under control. A systematic floor by floor search followed to ensure all those inside were accounted for. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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