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    04 July 2009

    Bulgaria voters’ day of reflection

    The right-wing GERB party is set for victory in Bulgaria tomorrow, frustration with the recession and widespread corruption expected to harm the ruling Socialists. Led by the charismatic mayor of Sofia, Boiko Borisov, GERB’s lead rose to double figures as campaigning ended on Friday.

    Three opinion polls this week all point to the same result, with GERB expected to win more than 30 per cent of the vote, and the Socialists around 20 per cent. The global financial crisis has hit Bulgaria hard, and the Socialists have appeared unable to react. Public anger has grown over low living standards and continuing corruption. One poll said four out of five voters want change.

    Over the past four years the Socialists raised pensions and salaries, but also earned Bulgaria the tag of being the poorest and most corrupt state in the European Union.

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