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    29 July 2009

    Dozens hurt in Spanish barracks bomb blast

    An amateur cameraman captured the moment that a powerful car bomb blamed on ETA exploded outside a paramilitary police force barracks in Spain.

    More than 60 people were hurt, not only Civil Guards but also their partners and children.

    The bomb, 200kg according to reports, miraculously caused only slight injuries, with glass flying from broken windows. And all those needing medical treatment have now been released from hospital.

    There was no warning but for Spanish authorities there is no doubt. Armed Basque separatists ETA were behind the early-morning attack in the historic city of Burgos.

    The Civil Guard is a favourite target of the group which is blamed for killing more than 800 people in a long-running campaign to carve out an independent Basque homeland.

    ETA is seen as under pressure to show it can still strike despite its ranks being decimated by arrests.
    The Burgos bombing comes just ahead of the 50th anniversary of ETA’s creation.

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