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    03 January 2009

    Dont Share Your Info On Twitter

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    Don't Share Your Secret Info! 2 hours ago

    If you receive an email notice saying you’ve received a Direct Message with a link that redirects to what seems like Twitter.com, be careful about entering your Twitter credentials. Instead, look closely at the URL to see if it’s not really Twitter but a sketchy phishing site like http://twitter.access-logins.com. If this has you feeling a bit weirded out, feel free to change your Twitter password.
    This Is From The Twitter Status Website Warning Twitter Users on Direct Messaging
    From what seems from Twitter.com,but Its Not From Twitter.
    • Here Are Some Steps You Must review if  The DM is From Twitter.
    • look Closely on the URL to See if it says http://twitter.access-logins.com
    • If You Feel Weirded Out, Feel Free to Change your Password.
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