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    31 December 2008

    [Asnycnow15News]-The Last Blog For 2008

    on  31st December , Asnycnow15 Will Launch  A Spanish Newsservice 'Asnycnow15Spn' And A French Newsservice 'Asnycnow15fr' Based On the English Newservice on Twitter.
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    Zune 30 Leap Year Bug
    At approximately midnight Pacific Standard Time, on the morning of 2008-12-31, many [46] first generation Zune 30 models running 3.1 firmware were reported to have automatically rebooted and frozen during the boot process. Microsoft has stated that the problem is with the internal clock driver and the way the device handles a leap year; with an intermediate official "fix" to drain the device battery and then recharge after 12 noon GMT on 2009-01-01. Specifically, a third party analysis of the clock driver's source code revealed an infinite loop in the way the clock driver calculates years based on a given number of elapsed days.
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