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    21 July 2009

    Swine flu worsens; schools may close

    The latest swine flu figures show the virus increasing its march around the world, with the global number of deaths almost doubling in a fortnight. The World Health Organisation says more than 700 people have now died, up from 429 two weeks ago. But the WHO said it is still up to national health authorities to decide their own ways of slowing the spread of H1N1. That may include keeping schools closed when the new term starts in September.

    The flu was branded a pandemic on June 11th, and is now the fastest-moving virus ever recorded, rendering pointless attempts to count every case.
    Even so, more than 125,000 sufferers have been confirmed worldwide, although the true figure may be many times higher. Work continues on a vaccine, and it’s hoped supplies may be available by the autumn, with healthcare workers givene priority, so they can treat everyone else.

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