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    06 July 2009

    Franco-British relations ‘never been better’ – Brown

    The French and British governments have re-affirmed a closeness between the two countries after a summit at Evian in south-eastern France.
    The UK premier Gordon Brown said relations have never been better. Ministers tackled issues ranging from Iran to immigration and, inevitably the financial crisis. And they targetted tax-havens.

    Gordon Brown said: “The world should be in no doubt that the writing is on the wall for tax havens, wherever they may be. So we are calling today for a March 2010 deadline for the introduction of sanctions against tax havens.”

    On climate-change President Sarkozy said both Britain and France would press hard to make sure this week’s G8 meeting is truly committed to the fight against global-warming.

    “We will not be satisfied with long-term objectives, very long-term. We want objectives in the medium term to ensure their credibility,” he said.

    Britain and France, along with Germany and Italy want to see global warming limited to 2 degrees celsius. With preparations for the G8 summit underway at L’Aquila the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has said he will press the US, Japan, Russia and Canada to fall into line with that figure.

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