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    03 July 2009

    ALERT| Sarah Palin Is To 'Step Down'

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    @BreakingNews: URGENT -- Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin confirms she will resign at the end of this month and transfer power to Lt. Gov. Parnell.
    She did not take questions or give indications as to her future plans. Palin is expected to announce a run for the presidency at some point.
    LOCAL Tv Stations And Other Media...

    WABC-TV:Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will step down from office in one month, according to reports.
    Ny Times:
    Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, announced she would step down before the end of the month, citing a desire to affect change outside of government.
    WNBC-Tv :Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will not seek re-election when her term ends in 2010, freeing the former vice presidential hopeful for a possible run at the White House in 2012, according to reports.
    KABC-Tv:Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will step down from office

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