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    02 February 2009

    Woman Still Battling Landlord After Mistaken Eviction

    A local New York City woman who was mistakenly evicted from her apartment has been back in her home with her two children, but the drama continues.

    Joann Ritter is convinced that the leaky ceiling and lack of heat are why she ended up in a hospital recently with pneumonia.

    Prior to that, in November, she was served eviction papers and her furniture was left out on the sidewalk. It was later stolen, and then discovered that she wasn't supposed to have been evicted from the Bushwick apartment.

    Then, thanks to the generosity of strangers, Ritter and her two school-age children got some donated furniture and other necessities. Just in time for the holidays.

    But now, it's February, and Ritter is still battling the landlord over the fixes that she fears will sicken her children as they did her. Even worse, after she spent all day in court Monday, she learned the case is being postponed, and the building management behind the wrongful eviction claims it no longer manages the property.

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