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    06 February 2009

    MTA Discovers TV

    There was a time when the New York City public transit system was a marvel of modern engineering. And yet it was only yesterday that the MTA discovered television, this just a week after they admitted that they can't figure out how to use GPS.
    In addition to the LED signs at the Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenues station that tell riders when they can expect an L train, the MTA Thursday unveiled video monitors that let riders know exactly where along the train's route the L is. The monitors show the location of every train on the line and is updated every 15 seconds.
    Just last week, after more than a decade of tinkering, Robert Walsh and Sassan Davoodi of the MTA confessed that the agency had yet to harness GPS technology that would tell riders the location of the next bus.
    "Totally unacceptable!" bellowed outraged City Councilman John Liu of Flushing, reported to the New York Post..
    Despite the fact that any moron can walk into a Best Buy and by a GPS for their car for less than $300, the MTA can't figure out how to put one on a bus and relay that information to electronic signs at bus kiosks throughout the city.
    Of course it was just a couple days ago that they started letting people submit lost-and-found reports via the Internet.

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